Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Design Giveaway

OK, everyone, I am doing a giveaway.  It isn't one of those random # choosing things.  Here is the deal-  I will create something for anyone that wants something for FREE!

OK, its not really free.  No money, but I would like a little favor... The only thing I ask for in return is that you either:
Blog about Delightful Designs & your graphic
Add my blog button on your blog

Or you could do both and be my BFF.

You must be a follower Delightful Designs and leave a comment with your email address and what you would like so I can contact you about your design.  And this is limited to one free graphic per person.

Included in this free-ness is:
Blog header
Blog Button
Logo Design
Etsy Avatar

However, if you want something else, email me and lets talk about it.  (Only email-able things, please).

Also, I am going to be starting my very own Etsy shop very soon, so check back for more details!!!!!

**Requests will be taken until Tuesday, Feb. 15th**


  1. I'm actually really happy with everything on my blog right now, so I don't really need a redesign of anything, BUT I talked about your Design Giveaway for a couple sentences RIGHT at the beginning of my next blog post, so hopefully you'll get some traffic when it gets posted tomorrow morning!

    I'm so excited for you to get started on this stuff! Can't wait to see what pretty things you come up with!

  2. Oh my gosh, I would LOVE this! I need a blog design!! How do we start??

  3. I'll tweet about your give-away - and I would like a St. Patricks day button to use on my blog. Email me and let me know what stuff you need me to send to you xo

  4. I've been looking all day for a grab my button! and how to make one. Then StayCalmCupcake posted on my blog that tweeted about a giveaway I'm having - so I went to follow her twitter and saw THIS giveaway :-) I will post your button on my blog, and tweet about this giveaway :-)
    I would love a button that says I was Featured on freckleLips - so people can take it back to their blogs! yea!! Fate! ;)
    My email is ksammijohnson (at) gmail (dot) com - I'm excited to work with you!

  5. Well the button was blank :-( So I just copied your avi and posted in on my blog - -