Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stay Calm. Cupcake Button

My friend Jill asked me to do a blog button for her that people could pull the HTML code and post on their blog.  And I was so happy to do it for her!  Jill has been such a huge help with setting up my Etsy shop and promoting Delightful Designs around the blog world.

So here is her new button:

Doesn't that cupcake look yummy??  She sells them in her Etsy shop!

Speaking of Jill, you need to head over to her blog Stay Calm, Cupcake for great cupcake recipes plus there is a giveaway from Delightful Designs!

Thanks so much for everything Jill!!  You are such a delight!

Do you need a blog button?  I'd love to make one for you!  Check out my Etsy shop for more info!

On another note, head over to my personal blog The Fashionable Wife to vote for your favorite bloggers for the Bloggie Awards!


  1. I love that button!! I love to bake cupcakes and am looking into doing a button with my cupcakes :)

  2. I won the giveaway I am so excited!!