Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Blog and Etsy Makeover

I just finished a complete Etsy makeover and helped set up an adorable blog to go along with the shop.  I am really excited because we spent a long time coming up with just the right look.  Debbie of Angelina Inspirations wanted a new, unified look to help be more recognizable to customers (I am a big believer in unified looks and having a brand look).  Debbie knew she wanted her Etsy shop to get a makeover, but then She decided to go with the All in One package so that she could start a blog too!

Based on the items in Debbie's shop, I decided that since she mostly sews, the elements in her logo, etc, should be based on sewing elements.  So here are some of the things we created:

Etsy Shop header

Blog Button
Her Sale Avatar
So what do you think?  Make sure to go check out Angelina Inspirations Etsy shop and her new blog!

Thanks Debbie!  You were wonderful to work with!

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