Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lucky FABB Conference

Today, Lucky Magazine held a conference for fashion and beauty bloggers, and it featured a who's who of todays industry.  Diane von Furstenburg was there, Coco Rocha, reps from Klout and Pinterest, the Kardashians and so many more.  The conference wasn't just about fashion and beauty, but more about creating a brand, social media, working for yourself, blogging for a living...

Unfortunately, I missed the live stream, but the videos are up on the website and you can go watch all of the conference, like I plan to do!

I followed some of the tweets that went out during the conference, and I wanted to share some of the tweets I read.

"Just assume that no one is paying attention, that they need to hear the name of your blog again." - Adam Rich

 Don't be too stupid to know you're going to fail + you cannot be afraid to be aggressive - Scott Galloway

"believe in your city and your style" -Ann Watson from  on the regional influence of bloggers

"if you're not up until 2am +your personal life isn't falling apart, you probably won't have a successful blog." -scott Galloway

"It should never be a job. It should be a career. It should be a lifestyle. Pick a passion and stick to it," -  

"If you don't make mistakes, you're not taking enough risks," - Essie Weingarten

Social media is about adding value to the people who are following you and giving a persona to your brand. -Jessica coghan 

 You won't be successful without passion! -  

I'll probably share more once I watch the full conference!  Let me know if you watch it and we can discuss! 

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