Friday, January 28, 2011

Matchbook Ads

I wrote a raving review on the premier issue of Matchbook magazine on my other blog (here).  But, since this blog is geared toward my work in graphic design, I wanted to take a minute to talk about the great ads that were in the first issue.

I plan on writing an entire post on an Ode to Kate Spade ads...

These ads were bright, happy, fun and they made me want to buy things.  And isn't that what advertising is for?

The ads in Matchbook were not like anything I've ever seen.  Sure, there was Coach and Kate Spade, but even those seemed to be even more vibrant than in other magazines.  All the ads were so girly and fun and, although terribly eye catching, didn't necessarily register as ads.  I didn't think "Oh they are trying to sell me something."  I thought, "Oh look how lovely!  How wonderful."  And an ad that makes you happy, but without hitting you over the head with the fact that its an ad is really something.

What companies/ ads do you like that don't make you immediately think, "What are they trying to sell me?"

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