Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lonny Love- Jan/Feb issue

I've made it no secret that I adore the online magazine Lonny.  First of all, there are quite possibly the most breathtaking pictures.  If it was in print, I would have the pages from the magazine torn out and framed.  The pictures are absolutely stunning.  Second, the articles are interesting and current.  They aren't interviewing the same old people.  I love love love to look at Lonny.  Although I personally didn't love the cover, the Jan/Feb issue was no disappointment!

This month, two articles (and their layouts) really struck me- "Sleeping In..." and "Pulitzer Prize."

Pages from "Sleeping in..."
New linens from lovely designers! 

Yep, uh huh, Kate Spade bed sheets! 

Love the monogram pillows

Pages from "Pulitzer Prize"

I love Lilly anyway, so this article was not only fascinating but beautiful and eye catching

I love the use of colorful, fun fonts

My very favorite page.  What a layout!  
Did you read the issue?  What did you think?

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